Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I thought that in case my computer crashed I should have listed up all the useful utilities I have gathered so far. I have tried this before, but this list is more complete.
  • Sysinternals suite (filemon, regmon, procexp, tdimon, tcpview, handle)
  • SnippetCompiler (to do short-lived experiments)
  • baretail (to monitor logs)
  • CCleaner (to tidy-up my mess)
  • ipscan (to get to know my peers)
  • Reflector (to see how others do it)
  • Google desktop extreme (find that lost info)
  • Agent Ransack (what is the Windows search useful for?)
  • ScreenHunter (screen snap-shots)
  • HHD Free Hex Editor
  • EditpPadLite (there are Notepad2, Notepad++, Crimson, etc. as well)
  • IrfanView (renders all image types)
  • Recuva (undeletes that important file)
  • Ad-Aware (to clean up my mess as well)
  • Toad for SQL Server (actually went back to SQL Management Studio, old habit I think)
  • SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server Lite (intellisense when creating queries)
  • SharpDevelop (interesting, but since I have VS I think I stick with that)
  • 7-zip (actually usually use the build in Compress in XP)
  • FileZilla (when I need a ftp server in an instant)
  • Gimp (to edit my Display picture)
  • Picassa
  • Firefox (to be complete)
  • SmartSniff (to pry into my neighbors business)
  • TreeSize (find that disk-hog)
  • Launchy (faster and more intelligent then Ctrl+r)
  • WinMerge (compares files and folders!)
  • Reinlendar (nice desktop calender, but surprisingly hungry for memory)
  • ForceWindowVisible (a must-have for people joggling between using 2 and 1 monitor)
I am no doubt forgetting some. Actually I am very often install some utilities that I think sound great and the forget about them :/

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