Friday, October 14, 2005

Other nice tools

I found another nice tool from the same people as did the Snippet compiler: SmartSniff. It sniffs the network for activity, very useful for analyzing program behavior. While on the subject, I also frequently use FileMon to locate problems with programs I use, it is a life-saver.

Other nice tools I use are:
  • ScreenHunter, for screen-capture. Often handy when reporting some failure.
  • Notepad2, a slightly improved version of Notepad. There are several Notepad replacements, I also have installed EditPadLite.
  • Reflector gave me a slight shock, it showed me that the .NET dlls are very easily decompiled. We will be using an obfuscator to amend that.
  • I have been using Baretail to tail my log4net-logs, but I am still looking for another tool I once used and was better :(
  • FireFox needs mention since it is probably the tool I use the most (with the Adblock and All-in-one Gestures extensions).
This list is not complete, and I don't think I will keep it up-to-date, but we'll see.


Helgi said...

I just found the hard way that Edit Pad Lite does not support Unicode. It transforms unicode characters to ANSI and when the document is saved the characters remain in ANSI format which can lead to very frustrating errors in your applications.

Ari said...

Perhaps Crimson ( would serve you better?