Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Object Oriented defined, cont.

In a previous post I tried to define "object oriented", I am currently reading the opening chapters of Bjarne Stroustrup's "The Design and Evolution of C++", there he quotes himself saying:
  • "Object-oriented programming is programming using inheritance. Data abstraction is programming using user-defined types. With few exceptions, object-oriented programming can and ought to be a superset of data abstraction."
I have to admit that I patted myself on the back reading that quote :)

P.s. Ravi Sethi says in his Programming Languages: "The popular term object-oriented programming refers to a programming style that relies on the concepts of inheritance and data encapsulation." (p.206, 1989). I seem to have been right on the money (or perhaps I just retrieved this info, subconsciously, from my memory?)

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