Thursday, June 02, 2005

Object Oriented defined

I was once asked in a job interview to explain what object oriented meant, I was a bit taken by surprise and I don't think that I gave a good answer (at least I did not get hired ;). I have been thinking about it since. I like to distill things rather than listing everything that comes to mind, like I feel that Americans tend to do, and my distilled version of what OO is is:
  • Object oriented programming/design is class inheritance coupled with class data encapsulation.
Here I deliberately omit the following concepts: "polymorphism" (included in inheritance), public/private/protected visibility constraints (implementation of data encapsulation), abstract classes (sub theme of inheritance), interface (actually interfaces are rather a super theme to OO), classes (assumed known that classes are composed of data and function definitions), objects (instances of classes).

In distilling I think it is important not to over-generalize or become too metaphysical, but focus on what are the primary concepts and which are derived or auxiliary.

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