Monday, February 06, 2006

C# 3.0

I read (skimmed through) Don Box's and Anders Hejlsberg's article on LINQ, also watched a short demonstration on DLINQ to become acquainted with next version of C#. One thing struck me and that is that Microsoft has been advocating the use of stored procedures rather than inline queries, but the DLINQ presentation was all about how to write compile-time-checked inline queries.


Finnur J. said...

I think in this case you get a somewhat mixed message from Microsoft. Like in this article there are 5 bullets for stored procedures and 3 against:

In this article written by a guy who is now working for Microsoft there is a strong case presented against using stored procedures in general:

I tend to agree with that, at least for ISVs who can benefit from the portability between databases provided by not using stored procedures.

Maybe the problem is that Microsoft runtime support for stored procedures generates far more income than their application runtime support in application servers. I got the feeling when VS 2005 was introduced that the SQL Server 2005 release was more important to them.

regards -Finnur

Ari said...

Thanks for the links.

It is obvious that one has to apply one's own common sense in these matters, M$ has alternative motives.