Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I use the mouse-gestures in Firefox, it is one of the key reasons for why I favor Firefox over IE (the two others being adblocking and tabed-browsing). Recently I found out that there is an application that allows you to add mouse-gestures to all applications, it comes with the thought-provoking name "StrokeIt". I immediately found one good use for it, namely to navigate back and forth in VisualStudio. It has not caused me any problems yet (2 days of use), so I feel that I can recommend it.
Happy "stroking"!

P.s. I finally gave up on StrokeIt, it was causing some spurious mouse movements that in time became too irritating to tolerate.


HB said...

Stroke This!

htomasson said...

What tools do use for database development? We've been using DeZign ( which can be quite handy when you need your schema to be supported on more than one database.

Ari said...

Currently we are designing the database al mano :) Previously I have used ERwin ( which worked well, if I remember correctly. I see that DeZign comes recommended (, but do you only use it for the initial DB design, or also for maintaining it?

htomasson said...

We use it to maintain the database also. In our latest Java projects we use Hibernate for relational mapping. And to add a yet another tool to the tool-list we use Middlegen to generate the mappings.

htomasso said...

By the way. Are you using a object-relational-mapping library for your .NET development?

If not, then check out NHibernate :-)

Our .NET team is using Gentle.NET but I can't remember why they picked that instead of NHibernate or iBatis or any other ORM lib.

Ari said...

Thanks htomasso for your comments! I think this discussion merits its own blog entry (also so that it does not get lost under the StrokeIt heading), so I just created one: