Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I use the mouse-gestures in Firefox, it is one of the key reasons for why I favor Firefox over IE (the two others being adblocking and tabed-browsing). Recently I found out that there is an application that allows you to add mouse-gestures to all applications, it comes with the thought-provoking name "StrokeIt". I immediately found one good use for it, namely to navigate back and forth in VisualStudio. It has not caused me any problems yet (2 days of use), so I feel that I can recommend it.
Happy "stroking"!

P.s. I finally gave up on StrokeIt, it was causing some spurious mouse movements that in time became too irritating to tolerate.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Other nice tools

I found another nice tool from the same people as did the Snippet compiler: SmartSniff. It sniffs the network for activity, very useful for analyzing program behavior. While on the subject, I also frequently use FileMon to locate problems with programs I use, it is a life-saver.

Other nice tools I use are:
  • ScreenHunter, for screen-capture. Often handy when reporting some failure.
  • Notepad2, a slightly improved version of Notepad. There are several Notepad replacements, I also have installed EditPadLite.
  • Reflector gave me a slight shock, it showed me that the .NET dlls are very easily decompiled. We will be using an obfuscator to amend that.
  • I have been using Baretail to tail my log4net-logs, but I am still looking for another tool I once used and was better :(
  • FireFox needs mention since it is probably the tool I use the most (with the Adblock and All-in-one Gestures extensions).
This list is not complete, and I don't think I will keep it up-to-date, but we'll see.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I recently installed CruiseControl.NET, and now it is building 3 of my projects. Included in a build is checking out the newest code from Subversion, compiling it, running the unit-tests and generating the documentation (NDoc). It is on the agenda adding NCover and FxCop to this build process.

Actually, I first started installing Draco because I had read it somewhere that it was preferable for smaller projects/teams. I was rather disappointed with that. First, the schema for the config file was too strict, it did not allow me to specify the mailserver without a domain ending or the email senders/recipients without a host ending, both of which are valid for my setup. This forced me to add an alias domain to the SMTP server of IIS (an inconvenience). Second, I am currently not using a Subversion server (Apache nor Svnserve), but simply a network share (FSFS), and I have not figured out to make this work with Draco. Anyhow, CruiseControl is working fine and was not hard to set-up, so I will stick with that.

Nice tool

I found this nice tool: Snippet compiler, which is just a mini environment to program in. Next simplest thing to using Notepad and CSC.