Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Design Smell

I think there is a serious shitsmell (ISL. skí­talykt) to how delegates and events are used to support the publish/subscribe mechanism. I think delegates are fine, but my guess is that someone had the "brilliant" idea of using them to implement the publish/subscribe mechanism as well, and this was done by making all delegates multicast. So now the delegate is actually a container of delegates and you can start adding delegates to delegates, certainly not in accordance with the normal use of other types. Sometimes you will be using delegate-the-container and sometimes you will be using delegate-the-function-pointer, this can be confusing.

Another guess: In order to fix the problems that arose when using multicast delegates to do publish/subscribe, events were introduced (see a previous post). This is obviously just a band-aid, as can be clearly seen by the event declaration syntax: Instead of the normal declaration syntax: "(access) (type) (variable)", you have "(access) (event) (type) (variable)"!!

I think that multicast delegates and events both break the the norm, and I cannot figure why I have not seen more outbursts over this terrible language design stink; it has troubled me for some time now :(

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