Friday, May 06, 2005

Development environment

[Update 13.10.05] I've started to use CruiseControl.NET to schedule my builds, an impressive tool.
[Update 29.09.05] I have become addicted to ReSharper and have started using NMock.

I have been polling friends and Google, finding out what would be the most productive environment for .NET development. The advice I have got, and what I have started to use is:
  • Use TreeSurgeon to set up the directory structure (should be read in conjunction with Mike Roberts' blog)
  • Use NDoc to document the code
  • Use NAnt to run and maintain the builds and tests (is installed by TreeSurgeon)
  • Use NUnit to write the unit tests (is installed by TreeSurgeon)
  • Use CruiseControl.NET to do continuous integration (I have not installed this one yet)
  • Use TestDriven.NET to run the unit tests within VisualStudio (handy but not crucial to have)
It did not take much time installing and starting to use these tools, but then I have used Ant and JUnit before so it did not require a new mind set.

I found a good tip on how to run NAnt from within VisualStudio, the only change I did was to set "$(SolutionDir)\.." as the Initial directory, which is the default location where TreeSurgeon places the build file.

I expect that this list will change as I start the coding for real.

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