Friday, April 08, 2005

The appeal of new technology

Trying out new technology is a strong driving force for most developers, I think. It is so at least for me. Let the developer make technology decisions and (s)he will very likely give into this force.

Currently I have to choose between using a specification the runs over (D)COM (stateful) and one that runs over WebServices (stateless). My common sense tells me to use the (D)COM specification since it is X17 faster (I am doing real-time monitoring and control), but (having not used WS) am much wooed towards trying out WebServices.

A side note: why is it that Microsoft is promiting WebServices with such force? I have seen guidelines from them to use WebServices between layers (not tiers) within an application. I will add the link when I find it.


Ari said...

A related article: Geeks Rule and MBAs Drool.

htomasso said...

There's quite more than performance to think of when making decicion of this kind. Like the team/individual who is going to write and maintain the codebase. There are also considerations about the intranet structure. Will all clients/stations be able to use DCOM? Who is writing the clients? Same team as the server?.. etc. :)

Ari said...

Yes, there are many factors. Still it is just so tempting to go with the new technology :)
I actually managed to withstand the temptation this time and will go for the DCOM solution. It also helped that I found out that the server did not support the newer WS specification ;)
The client will be deployed on the intranet/localhost (on board a ship actually) with an off-the-shelf server.